Kaggle Competition - LANL Earthquake Prediction

Hello everyone. It’s been quite busy these days… Anyway, today, let’s test out Kaggle LANL Earthquake Prediction.

Data Preparation

Data Download

Please refer to Kaggle LANL Earthquake Prediction Data and have the data prepared.

➜  ~ kaggle competitions download -c LANL-Earthquake-Prediction
➜ cd LANL-Earthquake-Prediction
➜ LANL-Earthquake-Prediction ls
sample_submission.csv test.zip train.csv.zip

Data Exploration

We can then use Gabriel Preda’s existing kernel code to briefly analyze the data and have the following resultant pictures re-produced FIRST:

Acoustic Data and Time To Failure 1

Acoustic Data and Time To Failure 2

LGBM Feature Importance

The Algorithm