Use VLC To Download Youtube Videos

To download videos from Youtube is sometimes required. Some Chrome plugins can be used to download Youtube videos, such as: Youtube Downloader. Other methods can also be found on various resources, such as: WikiHow.

In this blog, I'm going to cite (copy and paste) from WikiHow about How to download Youtube videos by using VLC.

STEP1: Copy Youtube URL

Find the Youtube video that you would like to download, and copy the Youtube URL.

STEP 2: Broadcast Youtube Video in VLC

Paste the URL under VLC Media Player->Media->Open Network Stream->Network Tab->Please enter a network URL:, and Play:

Video Broadcasting

STEP 3: Get the Real Location of Youtube Video

Then, copy the URL under Tools->Codec Information->Codec->Location:

Current Media Information

STEP 4: Save Video As

Finally, paste the URL in Chrome:

Save Video As

and Save video as....