Face Key Point Localization & Orientation

I'm quite busy today. So, I'd just post some videos to show the performance about jiu bu gao su ni 😆 Click on the pictures to open an uploaded Facebook video.

1. Key Point Localization

1.1 Nobody - Yeah, it's ME, 10 YEARS ago. How time flies...

Nobody - Yeah, it's ME

1.2 FRANCK - What a Canonical Annotated Face Dataset


2. Orientation

01_al_pacino 02_alanis_morissette 03_anderson_cooper
01_al_pacino.mp4 02_alanis_morissette.mp4 03_anderson_cooper.mp4
04_angelina_jolie 05_bill_clinton 06_bill_gates
04_angelina_jolie.mp4 05_bill_clinton.mp4 06_bill_gates.mp4
07_gloria_estefan 08_jet_li 09_julia_roberts
07_gloria_estefan.mp4 08_jet_li.mp4 09_julia_roberts.mp4
10_noam_chomsky 11_sylvester_stallone 12_tony_blair
10_noam_chomsky.mp4 11_sylvester_stallone.mp4 12_tony_blair.mp4
13_victoria_beckham 14_vladimir_putin
13_victoria_beckham.mp4 14_vladimir_putin.mp4