Pose AI - Happy Birthday to Me and Happy Halloween

October 31, 2018 is Halloween... ^_^ Happy Halloween everyone...

Happy Halloween

And, Happy Birthday To Myself. Such an old NOBODY... DON'T ask my age. Anyway, enjoy life...

Happy Birthday

Today, we are testing out some pose estimation open source, based on various open source AI frameworks, including: * PyTorch * Tensorflow * Caffe2 * Caffe

1. OpenPose

Body Tracking Body Foot
Tracking Body ONLY Body and Foot
Body Hand Body Face
Body and Hand Body and Face

The related paper can be found at Realtime Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation using Part Affinity Fields.

2. tf-pose-estimation

Please refer to Posture Recognition by A Single 2D Webcam

3. pose-tensorflow

Single Person Multiple Persons
Single Person Multiple Persons

4. Facebook Detectron

5. Facebook DetectAndTrack

6. Facebook DensePose

6.1 COCO Visualize

Original Image Collected Points Subplots
Original Image Collected Points Subplots

6.2 RCNN Texture Transfer

Texture Mesh Synth UV
Texture Mesh Synth UV
IUV Texture Transfer Original Image
IUV Mesh Original Image

6.3 RCNN Visualize

IUV Mesh Contour
IUV Mesh Contour

7. Facebook maskrcnn-benchmark

Test on maskrcnn-benchmark