Fold for Covid

Today, April 17, 2020, I’ve got 2 big NEWS for me.

  • China Airline cancelled my flight back to China in May.
  • I received an Email from balena to encourage us to contribute our spare computing power (PCs, laptops, single-board devices) to [Rosetta@Home]( and support vital COVID-19 research.

Well, having been using balenaEtcher for quite a while, I of course will support Baker Laboratory at W - University of Washington. There are 2 points need to be emphasized here:

  • W used to be my dreamed university, but it’s STILL in my dream so far.

  • Baker Laboratory seems to be really good at bakery.

Alright, let’s taste how they bake this COVID-19. 2 manuals to follow:

Make sure one thing: Wired Connection.

Now, it’s your choice to visit either http://foldforcovid.local/ or IP address of this Raspberry Pi 4, you will see your Raspberry Pi 4 is up and running, and you are donating the compute capacity to support COVID-19.


Finally, 2 additional things:

Let me update a bit: Besides this Fold for Covid, there are so many activities ongoing: